It’s been one year since my last post on this blog and here I am again, with a little update.

A lot has happened during the last year both in my personal and professional life, and this somehow explains why this blog has been neglected…

To recap quicky… I left the United Nations after seven years, I was supposed to move to London to work for a major Cloud Service Provider but… it did not happen. Don’t ask…  :-/

I ended up in Rome instead and I have been working as a consultant in the private sector. At the moment I am focusing on personal and professional development and preparing myself for the next career move. Which I do really hope will come soon.

What else happened?

Well, I attended VMworld 2012 in Barcelona in October (lovely as usual), HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt in December (freezing cold!) and a couple of meetings organized by the Italian Chapter of the VMware User Group (VMUG Italy). It went so well that I have been asked to join the Board (aka The Steering Commitee) and now I am happily involved with my Brothers in Virtualization in the organization of events and activities. Speaking of which, expect very soon some posts related to this…

Regarding blogging in general, I do really hope I can increase my blogging activity, it will depend on the amount of available time I’ll have on my hands. The idea is to do it right, maybe buy a domain a put together a proper blog… let’s see.

Until next time (which is going to be soon)… take care!

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