VMUG Italy’s first ever User Conference is approaching, the agenda is shaping up (more details soon), seats are being filled fast (you can register here) and all the Special Guests have confirmed their presence.

After +Cormac Hogan and +Scott Lowe, today’s featured speaker is Mr +Duncan Epping, VMware Architect, respected technical blogger at Yellow-Bricks.com and co-author, together with +Frank Denneman of the great “vSphere Clustering Technical Deepdive” books.


VMUG-IT: Hi, who are you, could you please introduce yourself?

Duncan: My name is Duncan Epping and I was among the first VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX 007); I am the main author and owner of Yellow-Bricks.com. I am also the co-author of multiple books including “VMware vSphere 5.x Clustering Technical Deepdive” (5.0 and 5.1).

VMUG-IT: What is your current role within VMware?

Duncan: I am a Principal Architect at VMware (R&D;, Integration Engineering). My primary focus is vCloud / vSphere architecture and integration.

VMUG-IT: What are the latest technologies you are working on lately?

Duncan: In the last months I have heavily focused on Software Defined Storage and Datacenter solutions that we at VMware are internally developing.

VMUG-IT: What are your opinions about VMUG?

Duncan: It is great to see that Italy has a large community supporting the VMUG and I hope the Italian community will reward the VMUG teamn with a sold-out event!

VMUG-IT: What are you going to talk about at the Italian User Conference?

Duncan: I am planning to do a hybrid session, it will be an interactive session but with slides. I will be talking about designing a virtual infrastructure, or should I call it a Software Defined Datacenter? I will discuss some of the design decisions and considerations people typically have to make during architecture projects. This session will hopefully help you make changes to your environment based on your requirements and constraints, and provide a better basic understanding of some core VMware technology.

VMUG-IT: Thank you, Duncan!

Follow Duncan on his Blog (http://www.Yellow-Bricks.com/) or on Twitter (@DuncanYB)

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