VCDX 100As you most probably know, VCDX – VMware Certified Design Expert is the highest achievable level in VMware Certifications. Only a small group of skilled and experience professionals can show this title on their business cards and very few new ones are minted each year.

The path to VCDX is long and hard, it will require extensive knowledge, experience, hard study and understanding from the loved ones (which are usually neglected during the process). The exam itself consists of the “defence” of a design in front of a panel of other VCDXs.

So, even taking the decision to embark yourself onto the VCDX journey can give you headaches. For this reason, VCDX Boot Camps come to rescue!

The idea behind VCDX Boot Camps is to have actual VCDXs to explain in detail the certification process, the requirements and provide all kind of information a potential candidate needs to acquire so that he/she can make an educated decision. Usually Boot Camps take place during VMworld or other major events where virtualization professionals gather.

VMUGIT plans to have the next User Conference in April 2014, again in Milan, and we already obtained a preliminary approval from “the powers that be” to host a VCDX Boot Camp around the VMUGIT User Conference date (yet to be decided, but most likely next April).

But for this to happen, the very same “powers” need to have an understanding of the numbers and background (in terms of knowledge and experience) of the potential attendees.

So, if you are interested in participating, please fill the form below.

We hope to be able to make this possible!

Please keep in mind that signing up does not actually guarantee neither that the Boot Camp will actually take place, nor that you will be selected to attend it (seats might be limited). This is just an expression of interest from you and as such it will be considered.

Thank you and (hopefully) see you at the Camp!

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