LOGO1Starting next Monday, Sept. 29th, I will start a new chapter of my professional life: I will be joining VMware as a PSO Consultant in the Rome office.

I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity: for many reasons VMware has always been a dream destination for me. Now this is finally happening and I am sure there is going to be a lot of hard work ahead, long hours, head down on books and manuals – especially during the first weeks – to be able to quickly grasp the wealth of incredible technologies I will help to implement for our customers.

But this is also what will make this new adventure the most important one so far for me: since I started my journey with virtualization, this is where I always wanted to be.

I hope that also this blog will benefit from the experience that I will be gaining in the next few months: expect more and more technical content on these pages.

Before I turn this page, let me say a heartfelt thank you to my past employer, CTERA Networks. It was a great ride with very special people and I wish the company all the best. I am definitely a better professional thanks to what I have learned from them.

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  1. Huge congrats Pietro, well deserved.


  2. Whoa! Happy for you, Pietro!

    Congrats & good luck for the new challenge!


  3. Congrats Pietro! Welcome to the madhouse!


  4. Antonio Amoroso

    Congrats!!!Really happy for you!


  5. Huge congratulations Pietro, they made a great choice!


  6. Congratulations Pietro! Hope to see you soon to shake your hand and offer you a well-deserved beer!

    Will you go to VMworld?
    If so, drop me a line or a tweet and I’ll meet you there.


  7. Lucian Ralea

    Well done Pietro and I wish you all the best


  8. well done! congrats ;-)


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