The vTrailMap is a gift that the Tech Level Up Project (LinkedInTwitter), the lovechild of Yadin Porter de León‘s volcanic brain, brings to to the #vCommunity. While TLUP’s objective is to mentor, help and enable IT community members so they can boost their career opportunities, the vTrailMap is specifically aimed at using VMworld as the opportunity to bring together IT Professionals and Community volunteers and contributors in a single directory easily accessible and rich of readily available resources.

The objective of the Map is to help new (and also old!) VMworld attendees to navigate through a complex and potentially intimidating event such as VMworld, but also help understand the vCommunity and giving YOU the tools to be an active member of it.

The vTrailMap is a collection of resources organized in several areas:

  • Experts Zone
  • Career
  • Apps
  • VMware Products
  • Community
  • VMworld

In each area there is a list of related resources and bios of personalities that made themselves available to the vCommunity for their specific area. Twitter handles and list of resources are there for you to start following and be engaged.

In 2019 the vTrailMap was a booklet distributed at VMworld by #vTrailMap Champions (I was one of those handing copies out!), but this year the Map went virtual with the support of Veeam. Just head to the vTrailMap website and explore interactive the Map in “Silicon Valley style” then download your PDF copy for later consumption!

The Map will be your perfect companion for this year’s VMworld and beyond! Make sure you start using all the resources listed and join the ranks of the #vCommunity!

(Hint: what’s that dice on the top right corner? Something’s cooking there!)

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