During this edition of VMworld Europe I followed only a few sessions, included two focusing on the new vCloud Hybrid Service directly offered by VMware, one presented by Massimo Re Ferre’ and another one by Chris Colotti and David Hill on “How to build a Hybrid Cloud in less than a day”.

In this post I will present Massimo’s session: PHC5070 – vCloud Hybrid Service: Architecture and Consumption Principles. This session was the first of a five part series, completely focused on vCHS.

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For the third year in a row I will be attending VMworld Europe, once again in sunny and beautiful Barcelona. I can safely consider myself as a seasoned VMworld attendee and the lessons learned in the past editions will definitely be useful to maximize my experience this year!

My plan is to attend less Sessions and Hands On Labs than in previous editions and be “more social”: Sessions will be most likely available after the event and it will be possible to take HOLs online as well later on, so no reason to spend too much time on those while there’s so many opportunities for interaction and networking.

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Spring is finally here, not only with blue sunny skies, blossoming flowers, and buzzing bees but also with the traditional VMworld Call For Papers Voting!

Breakout Sessions are one of the highlights and the backbone of every VMworld edition, together with Hands On Labs, Solutions Exchange and the incredible amount of networking opportunities. The technical level of the Breakout Sessions and the expertise of the speakers is typically quite high and the featured topics cover a very broad range, from Infrastructure to End User Computing, from Cloud Computing to Customer Cases and so on.

So, how are sessions selected?

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