VCDX 100As you most probably know, VCDX – VMware Certified Design Expert is the highest achievable level in VMware Certifications. Only a small group of skilled and experience professionals can show this title on their business cards and very few new ones are minted each year.

The path to VCDX is long and hard, it will require extensive knowledge, experience, hard study and understanding from the loved ones (which are usually neglected during the process). The exam itself consists of the “defence” of a design in front of a panel of other VCDXs.

So, even taking the decision to embark yourself onto the VCDX journey can give you headaches. For this reason, VCDX Boot Camps come to rescue!

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vbrownbagFor those who could not attend it live, the recording of my presentation on this week’s +vBrownBag EMEA episode has been published online and should appear soon in the list of past episodes, together with slides, here on this page:

Until this happens, you should be able to watch the session by heading straight to this URL:

This was the first time I gave an online presentation and I would like once again to thank +Gregg Robertson and +Arjan Timmerman for inviting me. It has been a rewarding experience and I do really look forward to be doing it again.

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At the end of 2012 I have been approached by +Gregg Robertson, who runs the EMEA section of +vBrownBag to present a session in their current series of webcasts.

For those who do not know yet, +vBrownBag is an initiative that came out as a spin-off of +Cody Bunch‘s website.

The basic idea was to gather virtualization professionals and have them present sessions on different topics, mainly (but not strictly) related to VMware Certifications, in a genuine community-sharing spirit.

The webcasts initially were aimed at a North American audience and hosted by vRockstars like +Kendrick Coleman+Scott Lowe+David Davis+Duncan Epping+Frank Denneman and +Wade Holmes, just to name a few.

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Today I passed the VMware VCP5 certification exam and, after VCP3 and VCP4, I am again aligned with the latest and greatest technology from VMware.

Tough exam, tougher than I expected and definitely study notes alone are not enough to pass it. You need to have real, in depth hands-on experience on all the topics covered on the Official Exam Blueprint and, wherever possible, it’s worth to build a home lab and perform extra practice. Have a look at the excellent VCP5 Blueprint with study notes compiled by Andrea Mauro from the Italian VMUG – by the way, did you know that Italians rock at virtualization? :-)

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