This second Tech Field Day 14 Preview post is focused on Turbonomic. I must confess I know very little about their solution and I am very anxious to hear more from these guys when I will meet them in Boston: I did some research in the past few days about Turbonomic and I definitely feel I need to learn more about thir product. Very much looking forward to be enlightened!

Coming from a vROPs background, I kind of assumed – most likely wrongly – that Turbonomic was a direct competitor of VMware’s solution, but from what I have seen so far, although there are for sure some similarities and overlapping areas, here we are talking about two completely different beasts, so I will leave the comparisons there. More »

Next week I will fly to Boston to attend my first full Tech Field Day conference as a delegate.

Last year I was lucky enough to be invited to the smaller scale Tech Field Day Extra event at VMworld Europe and I really enjoyed the experience, so you can imagine my excitement when I received the invite from Stephen and Tom to join them at TFD14.

Not yet time to pack a bag, but definitely time to start doing some research on the three vendors that will present at TFD14: ClearSky Data, Turbonomic and Datrium.

Let’s start this TFD14 Preview Series from ClearSky Data: from what I understand ClearSky has a very unusual approach to Cloud Storage which is normally intended for secondary/object storage kind of use cases. ClearSky has developed an interesting architecture that allows for storing all your data in the cloud while not sacrificing the performance (and use cases) typical of primary storage – all of this going beyond the obvious caching technologies that have been around for some time. More »

VMworld Europe 2016 will be a memorable one for me, not only because I will be returning to the event after a one year hiatus, but also because something very special is going to happen.

Let me explain… last August, at VMworld US 2016 in Las Vegas, VMUG Leaders gathered for the traditional lunch with VMware Execs (including Pat Gelsinger).Every year there is a ceremony where a few Leaders are publicly mentioned for their commitment and their efforts for the VMUG community. This is when people who have gone the extra mile for the community are acknowleged at the presence of their peers. More »

Every now and then I realize how lucky I am to be part of this community of peers sharing a common passion for what can be (in a very simplistic way) referred to as “virtualization technology”; last November 12th, on a train back to Rome after the conclusion on VMUG Italy’s 2015 UserCon, I had once again such an epiphany. I was very tired after a long two days in Milan spent preparing and running the conference I have helped to organize together with my VMUGIT friends, but I was also very happy and proud for the awesome result we (as a community) obtained.

The outcome is here for you (not me) to judge: 274 attendees, 18 sponsors/exhibitors, 3 keynotes, 15 breakout sessions and one closing panel featuring some of the most influential leaders and visionaries in the IT industry. One of the aspects I am particularly satisfied with is that this time (our third one) the VMUGIT UserCon has become a true international event: most of sessions were delivered in English by prominent speakers coming from Europe and the US specifically to present at our conference. We also had Brad Tompkins (the VMUG International CEO) and Massimiliano Mortillaro from the Czech Republic VMUG as our welcome guests. The Italian UserCon may not be one of the biggest in terms of attendance, but for sure it can now be acknowledged as one of the leading international community events in terms of quality of content presented. This doesn’t come by chance but thanks to the hard work of all the people involved (the VMUGIT Board, the VMUG International Team, VMware itself and, last but not least, partners and sponsors).

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You know that old saying “Third time’s a charm”?

Well, I am not saying that the previous two editions of VMUG Italy’s (@vmugit) User Conference weren’t a success with almost 300 attendees each, packed sessions and the participation of some of the most famous names of the virtualization community, but believe me, this year the VMUGIT leaders are working behind the scenes to organize the best edition ever.

Here are some details about the event.

The UserCon will take place on 12 November 2015, in Milan; the venue is Centro Congressi Milano Fiori – Assago (the same of the 2013 edition, which has undergone a refurbishment process in the meantime).

The registration page (which also includes directions) is open and you can already reserve your seat. Although the page is in Italian, the process is standard, so you should know which buttons to press and how to fill the forms. In case of any issues, don’t hesitate to shout out.

All of the sponsors are confirmed and you can expect top notch, user focused technical sessions delivered by the majority of them. Just a few names: VMware (of course!), EMC, Nutanix, Pure Storage, Acronis, HP (with Intel), Infoblox, PernixData, Tintri, Webroot, Zerto, Hitachi, Micron, Simplivity, Aruba, Hitachi, Solarwinds. A few more might still be added, so be sure to keep checking the event page on the VMUG website for any updates. Be sure to visit their booths at the Solutions Exchange area to learn about the latests developments in their products and technology.

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VMworld Europe 2014 is only a mere four weeks away and now it is time to start focusing on it and achieve that sort of Zen mental state that it is required to survive the experience!

For the third year in a row the event will be held in Barcelona: somebody may object this, but from my perspective it does totally make sense. I admit I am totally biased as Barcelona is my favorite European city and a place where I’d move anytime if I had the chance, but let’s be honest: the city has a gorgeous weather in October, it is easily reachable from anywhere in Europe, it has great accommodation options, a working and efficient transportation system, food is great, it is a cheap place compared to other destinations and it is a pleasure for the eyes! Gimme Barcelona anytime!

After two Catalan VMworlds and almost a dozen leisure trips to Barcelona I can consider myself a veteran, so let me guide you through my experiences, who knows, you might find some useful advice here.

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VMUG_IT-Twitter_SmallOne of the most important characteristics of a VMUG event, and particularly of a big sized one such as a User Conference, is indeed the involvement from the Users’.

This can take the form of volunteering efforts, but also active participation as speakers. We always encourage speakers to take the stage and present their experiences with VMware technologies to peers.

No matter your experience, you are always welcome to join events as an active participant.

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VMUG_IT-Twitter_SmallAfter the first successful event held in April 2013, VMUG Italy is proud to announce the date and location of its second User Conference, which will take place next May 7th in Milan, at the MiCO – Milano Congressi Conference Center.

We are in the early stages of the event organization, but stay assured that we – once again – will deliver a User Conference up to the high standards set last year.

We should be able to provide you with some details soon, including the names of the first International Speakers and a link to the registration page.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed to stay up to date and also to follow both my personal Twitter account @stingray92 and VMUGIT’s official one @vmugit for real-time updates.

VCDX 100As you most probably know, VCDX – VMware Certified Design Expert is the highest achievable level in VMware Certifications. Only a small group of skilled and experience professionals can show this title on their business cards and very few new ones are minted each year.

The path to VCDX is long and hard, it will require extensive knowledge, experience, hard study and understanding from the loved ones (which are usually neglected during the process). The exam itself consists of the “defence” of a design in front of a panel of other VCDXs.

So, even taking the decision to embark yourself onto the VCDX journey can give you headaches. For this reason, VCDX Boot Camps come to rescue!

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