VMUG Italy’s first ever User Conference is approaching, the agenda is shaping up (more details soon), seats are being filled fast (you can register here) and all the Special Guests have confirmed their presence.

After +Cormac Hogan and +Scott Lowe, today’s featured speaker is Mr +Duncan Epping, VMware Architect, respected technical blogger at Yellow-Bricks.com and co-author, together with +Frank Denneman of the great “vSphere Clustering Technical Deepdive” books.

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We are almost one month away from VMUG Italy’s first User Conference. We are working hard behind the scenes to make this event a success and we are all very excited about it.

The number of registered attendees grows day by day, so be sure to book your seat registering on this page:

Today we continue our series of mini interviews with the Special Guests who are coming to Milan to present a session and meet the users. At the beginning of the week we published the interview with +Cormac Hogan, today we are proud to present you +Scott Lowe, very well known in the VMware User Community as he’s the author of many successful books. Next week we’ll present you the other speakers, +Duncan Epping and +Mike Laverick.

So, without further ado, let’s Scott Lowe present himself to VMUG Italy members!

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The VMUG Italy User Conference is approaching fast and, as mentioned in a previous post, we are delighted to have some of the best VMware Experts as our guests.

As of today our confirmed guests are:

+Cormac Hogan , +Mike Laverick , +Duncan Epping and +Scott Lowe

All of them have kindly agreed to answer to some questions and we are publishing these interviews on the VMUG Italy Website on a regular schedule. For those who cannot read Italian, we are re-publishing them as well in English on our personal blogs.

Let’s start today with Cormac Hogan.

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Only yesterday I briefly mentioned that I have recently joined the Italian Chapter of the VMUG, aka the VMware User Group, as part of the “leadership team”, aka “The Board”.

For those who don’t know yet, the VMware User Group (VMUG) is an independent, global, customer-led organization, created to maximize members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events. A chapter, i.e. a local sub-group can be created wherever there are VMware Users willing to share their experiences, meet up and organize events. Usually there is one chapter in each country (like we have in Italy), but there are also regional or city-centric local VMUGs (wherever the number of attendees is big enough to justify such a thing).

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